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Markem all read - woids Gina * Gina And just think, I rode in a BIG plane to get to the "Left Coast Bunch" as quick as I could and avoid riding forever in da car on da boring plain cross country road dat goes from Right to Left all cause I hate to write "snail mail" and needed to see this gang in person.

When I got there, they shouted "get here right now, it's crumb bun time" - YEH RIGHT! it was time for their dinner ROFL YEP! All they did was tie me to the kitchen with OT's old ty-dyed underoos an make me cook & cook & cook LOL

BUT they got to do the dishes - ALL OF EM, even JR :) cause I was all tied uP fightin w/ da food menu for the "Hangtown Gathering Gang" ROFLMAO - what GREAT & VERY VIVID MEMORIES. Next time I'll send dem to a diner or is it dinner place.

Psssssssstttttt! Margie brought a bag of tomatoes so she could throw dem at JR in case he didn't behave LOL - WOW! Dat Margie sure is a good pitcher especially w/ a pitcher of Hangtown water balanced on her head, 10 lbs of tomato's in one hand and da HUGH tomato she won the Tomato Growing Award for in the other.


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