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Markem all read Margie Stephens Margie I agree with the above posting - this is my favorite site to sight, too.

In days of yore, your machine would say, with colors, "You're done - don't read this again. It has no reeds in it." Or something like that with the colors.

When OT sees this, will she seize the day? Or join JR on the high seas? Well, I sent him my list as he requested - I'm sure he'll return one cent. And I will have won. Eye to eye, that is.

We all paid rapt attention, even when someone rapped on the door and said they should we should have wrapped up our session an hour ago.

We'll be around again, just as a wheel is a round object. Hope you don't object. There is no way you can chase StatNislanders from their site. Some of them rode a long way on a bumpy road (or even rowed) just to see this new page.

And all eight of us ate Gina's cooking.


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