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~Chit Chat~ (To Harry) ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 12/10/1999 12:27:21 PM, hrwhite wrote: "Donna, I missed your posts as well. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. I'm amazed and pleased at how close you can become to people who you have met on the net. The common ground of Staten Island brought us together but it is the personalities and caring feeling of those who post here that keeps me here. Thank you all, Harry"


Thank You for the lovely words, the understanding and the Welcome Back!!!! I also Thank You for the condolences on the loss of my Friends. As you've so perfectly stated, in each and every internet ~Gathering~ (at least the ones that really CLICK *S*) there is some kind of common ground that brings everyone {{{Together}}}, but it certainly IS the personalities and caring feelings of the Gatherers that are the ~Glue~. At that other place I belong to, I've been there a bit over 4 years, and it's like HOME. I've met many of them (much to my Mothers horror *LOL*) in person too! I've chatted on the phone with tons of them as well. We've come to know each others Family members, the day to day workings of each others lives, times of illness, times of wealth, times of poverty, times of happiness, and of course, as it's a part of real life, times of sadness too. We've all shared in the loss of life before too, but it was always second string, and that was sad enough. To have lost not one but two of our very own...within days of each other...has been very difficult to say the least. It's a shock actually.

I always knew how special they were and how much and how deeply they've touched my ~*Heart and Soul*~.....and I also know how Blessed I was for having had them in my life......and naturally that makes the parting that much more difficult.

YESSSSSSSSS Harry, The Internet takes people that might have NEVER have even met otherwise.....

......and makes them FRIENDS! *Sigh*

Friends! What a *Special word

What a *Special Gift~~~~~~~~~

Thank You Harry, and Thank You ALL as many of you too have become Friends that I hold near and dear! *S*


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