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The delivery car had a chicken on it. Does that mean painted on it, or did it maybe have a kind of statue of a chicken perched on top of the car?

Here's why I ask: down here in Maryland about two summers ago I used to catch sight of something that I called the banana car. I would sometimes see it whizzing along a cross street several blocks away from me. It had a huge banana on top of the car, projecting out front and back. I couldn't figure out what the devil it was supposed to be, because I could see that it didn't have any lettering painted on the side of it, just a gigantic banana sitting on top.

After I had seen it from afar a couple of times I finally had it come right up alongside of me one day as I was walking along, and it turned out the banana was really a yellow canoe. I've gotta admit that I liked it a whole lot better when it was a banana.

So are we completely sure that the chicken car really had a chicken on it?

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