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I'm going to try and answer that and I don't mean facetiously either. While I can't speak for all men, I think my feelings represent many. My father-hood(s) occurred before the days of Lemaze where we were 'banned' to the waiting room. I hated that helpless feeling. Wringing my hands and wondering what was going on. Most of us are like that. Most men would endure any pain to be involved rather than have that helpless, can't do anything feeling.
Having said that, I can't answer how I personally would have held up in child-birth. Since it's biologically impossible, we'll never know. It's kinda' like the soldier who's never faced combat wondering if he'll be a coward or not. I can't answer. But I'll bet if you give the majority of males the choice of being involved and enduring pain to not having pain but standing helplessly by, while the person he loves endures pain, especially when he helped bring about that pain. Well, I know where I stand.

Ask a sea-horse. Actually we may find out soon. On the news the other day, they said we were only about 10 years away from it being biologically possible.

Seriously - Mothers have my greatest respect.


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