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"U" got that right Rich - been there done that OUCH!!! CRASHHHHHHHH - after many long frustrating days found out that a virus arrived w/ a d/l from the net that somehow moved most of my command files to my mouse directory - no wonder the poor little mousiepoo was getting stressed & doing funny "spilf kcab".

I was very lucky to have 3 yr. in-house puter service contract - poor fellow started out cool & calm and ended up frazzled, kept coming back till he found it cause he was damned determined to get the best of "it". Of course I didn't have anti-virus turned on like a dummy which taught me a BIG CYBER lesson instantly. McCafee has been on ever since - gets updated at least once per week and ALWAY scans ALL files many times per day. POP! goes the virus :) Sure wish it were that ez with some anons I know of ROFL

B Safe...B Happy Anti-Virus Scan ALL FILES today & everyday :)


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