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After receiving so many e-mails yesterday all shaking with "I can't access the SI Web Site" I contacted the Webmaster asking "soisdaraproblem" and he said "no problem - "just uPgrade and maintenance time"

Soooooooooo Don't freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk out and get the "I can't access" jitters LOL - the site may be uP and DOwn over the next couple of weeks getting it's dusting & Y2K clean uP .

When "U" arrive at the site and can't access don't go into "Home of the Heart" palpitations and spazzzzzzzzz - just pat your keyboard gently and give it a rest for a while. Then go treat yourself to nice fresh kaWfee & crumb buns, My-T-Fine pudding or in DJ's case a couple of Sabretts smothered in NY onion stuff LOL - take them in a "to go bag" and go sit in a peaceful park to get some fresh air away from puter works if u work it. LOL

Have patience, every time u learn it, they uPgrade ROFL - just the process of Internet progress :)


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