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As a member of McAfee I received this e-mail alert last evening and thought it best to be shared with all...

The directions below apply to McAfee users. If you have another brand of virus scan either go to their web site for uPdates or make sure your anti-virus program is set to

Below is what McAfee sent me:

(((((((((((( )))((( McAfee Clinic )))))))))))))))

_____________________ Virus Bulletin _______________________

[This message is brought to you as a subscriber to the
McAfee Clinic. This is a service notification and not
unsolicited email.]

***************** New Precautions Needed *******************

Dear McAfee Members (ActiveShield and Scan Now):

Until recently, viruses tended to infect only certain types
of files, so it was not normally necessary to scan all
files for viruses, only those types prone to infection.

W95/Babylonia, however, shows that this has changed, and
virus writers are getting more creative. This virus
infects .hlp (Help) files, and other new viruses are
expected to target a growing variety of file types. strongly recommends that you adjust your
anti-virus settings to SCAN ALL FILES, at least for the
last few weeks of the millennium, when a large number of
new viruses may potentially be discovered.

Please note that this will involve some inconvenience. It
may cause slower performance, streaming media may appear
to "stutter", and your cursor may not move about the screen
smoothly. However, the benefits of increased security,
especially in this high-risk period for viruses, easily
outweighs these inconveniences.

To set ActiveShield to SCAN ALL FILES:

1) Double-click the red "M" in the Task Bar.
2) Change the Scan Options from "Program Files" to
"All Files".
3) Click "OK" to save your changes.

NOTE: Scan Now has now been set to SCAN ALL FILES as its
default setting.


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