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It's been a while since I've read it and I'm on the run right now so if I mix up a few details forgive me!


In Plato's well known "Republic" there's a mini story called "The Ring Of Gyges". The "Ring", which is the focal point of the story is said to give the wearer "INVISIBILITY"....sort of like the ability to post ANONYMOUS does here! *LOL*

The upshot to the whole story is that one of the characters stance in all of it is that given the opportunity, "EVERYONE" would use the ability to be "invisible" ....and the implication is that most people only do the "right" thing because they have someone WATCHING THEM!

I for one have NEVER posted "Anonymously"......

But I do notice how SINCE NetDetective, DJ and I have found a way to ELECTRONICALLY bust them.....

...most of the MOUTHS have now got a name to them! *LOL*

It's kind of interesting...heh? *BWG*


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