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Heyyy DJ!!! Yes, I haven't been in here in what feels like EONS!!! EGADS do I have a lot of reading to ~catch up~ on! Maybe I'll just hit the "mark all as read" thingy and be FREEEEEEE! *LOL*

Re telling everyone I was alright: SURE!!!!!!!!!!! You can always feel free to "report" on me! *LOL*

Actually, I really want to Thank all of you who did ask about me. Some of you sent me very sweet and heartfelt E-mails that touched me very deeply. That I haven't been here, or answered them, was not lack of feeling or caring, I just haven't felt in a chatty mood. Within a day or so from one another two friends from the other web site I go to passed on....and I have known them for YEARS!!!!!!!!! I went into kind of a deep freeze and I just couldn't talk.

Make that I just didn't want to talk!

I hope you all understand.

You WERE however (and always will be) my ~*Heart and Soul*~!!!!

Love Ya All!!!!


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