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Interesting to talk about a writer for the main reason that he taught at a high school (McKee) that some of us attended on StatNisland.

That got me to thinkin,' which is always a dangerous thing to do around here.

What if Shakespeare taught on StatNisland?

Which school did he teach at?

Would he have written the way StatNislandahs speak?

Vito, wheahfaw aht Dou, Vito?

Da lite, on yonda window breaks!

To be, aw not to be! Dat is da question.

Alas, paw Yawrick, I knew him well when he worked at Sout' Ferry.

Can you imagine?

StatNislandese becoming the standard for the English speaking woild?

Everything else is wrong, but we are right?

Our spelling controls?

JR becomes da Noah Webster of da woild?

It seems only fair.

Shakespeare could have been a StatNislandah.

It is only an accident of time and place that he isn't.

He coulda taught at Curtis.

Never at McKee. Shakespeare didn't know how to steal hubcaps. Or what to do with them after he got 'em.

Lady MacBeth would have done in Boro President Maniscalco!

Honest Iago would have done in Jimmy the Sidge!

It seems a shame, for someone like me, to whom StatNisland is the center of the Woild, that Shakespeare never rode the Ferry.


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