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Why would anyone believe that someone could give them "the
evil eye?"
(answer below)

The Answer:
Ah, if looks could kill. In fact, many people throughout
history have believed that they could. The evil eye has
inspired fear in many cultures. This power to slay with a
stare was believed in ancient Rome, by Eastern European
gypsies and in India. Why would such a belief be so universal?

The best explanation is scientific, not supernatural. What
apparently set so many imaginations to conjure up an evil eye
was an image – the image of one person in another person's
pupils. Look into someone's eyes and you will see yourself
reflected back in miniature in their pupils, a word, by the
way, that comes from the Latin for "little doll." This ability
to "image" another person was thought to give one control over
that person. Add a deadly stare as a prop, and watch out!

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