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I went to McKee with JR and had McCourt as an English teacher at the same time. My recollations are similar to his and is a distorted view of the McKee that i remember in the early sixties.
He was a unique teacher and like JR he instilled an interest in reading in me too, something that I am thankful for to this day.

I read Tis' before Angela's Ashes and I'm glad that I did. If I would have read Angela's Ashes first I think that i would have been scared off by that dose of depression. I just can not imagine having to live in that sort of decadence and poverty, what a horrible life.

i usually read a book the size of Angela's Ashes in about a day or two, that one took me three weeks. I just couldn't read more than about thirty pages at a time. There were parts that actually brought tears to my eyes.

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