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I may be somewhat biased as he was my 2nd year English teacher in High School. His newest book 'Tis follows his return to New York, going to College and teaching. There is a small part about McKee and it is not exactly as I remember. He gave us the option of grammer, writing, etc. from a proven text or a 22nd option of reading five paperbacks; Catcher in the Rye, The Invisible Man, plus three others I don't remember. All we had to do was read and talk about what we read. I amounted to a class that learned to read for enjoyment for a group that didn't read unless forced to do it. The only pressure was to keep up so you could be part of the conversation the next class day. Some parents didn't like the first book and complained but we continued anyway. I rode the train from Huguenot and shared my book with a classmate who had to give it back. I didn't realize how much I learned until reflecting back to those days as a young teenager. I must also confess I was not one of his best or brightest!


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