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On 11/29/1999 1:05:11 PM, hrwhite wrote:
>Dump AOL! Go to a real ISP.
>For all AOL says about being
>easy to use it complicates
>everything by adding
>additional software between
>the user and the net. This
>causes complications for the
>user and for those the user
>corresponds with as is seen in
>this string.
>I started with AOL and quickly
>dumped them because of these
>problems, their disconnecting
>policy, the constant
>advertisements and many other
>I find them be more expensive
>than other ISPs, less friendly
>and less helpful.
>I have been with several ISPs
>and they are all better than
> . . .

Oh my goodness, do I agree with all of that!!! Beautifully put, Harry. The only problem is that when you dump AOL they keep sending you CDs with offers of free time and the plea: "Come Back!!" I've been away from AOL for three years now and they're still sending me that stuff. The last one arrived last week.

Jim Donnelly

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