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This is going way back, but I'm pretty sure you're referring to Louie Eib's son in Concord. In the 40's Louie Eib had a farm in Concord with a pond that he overstocked (or underfed) with carp and sunnies. Is it possible that his son made a riding stables out of it? Where did they ride? Over the old Fox Hills golf course/army camp?

Went to school with some of the Weissglass kids...P.S. 45 and Curtis. They bought my uncle Willie Blaine's house on the corner of Ridgewood and Forest. Re: etymology...Weissglass in German means white glass. the "ss" in Weiss is spelled with a ▀.

Don't think it was Weissglass, but in the 20's my dad had a dairy delivery route with a horse drawn wagon. He said the horse knew the route cold, and he could nod off. When the horse stopped, all he had to do was assemble the customer's order and drop it off in the milk box.

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