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The Fannie Mae Foundation just completed another one of its surveys, this one attempted to determine whether women are more financially independent than they were 25 years ago, when only 1 in 3 had checking accounts.

The survey ... found that ... the mortgage industry & home-repair & construction services failed the test.

The worst went to re-modelers & home builders.

Laura, a former speech writer for ... Carter, owns a successful public relations firm ... Although she & ... Michael, share a house she owns it. When work is done on the house she signs the checks.

That doesn't seem to matter.

"One contractor shows up at the house with a $50,000 invoice ... Here little lady ... Show this to your husband when he gets home to see if he agrees."

"Now I made the call, & I met with the contractor, & Michael isn't home, & still I have to get my husbands approval," ...

When Michael is home, & Laura is doing the talking, the contractor still looks past her to Michael & ask him, "What does the little lady think?"

... how some businessmen can be so stupid.

.. By the way, Laura is 5 - foot - 2.

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