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JR and others,
My wife is involved in GSD pedigrees and she sends literally hundreds of pictures out each month. We too, experienced problems sending them to AOL users.
What I found is that AOL limits the size of the attachment. We found we could send one picture at a time, but not a group. I always suggested to the people to contact AOL and when they did, AOL solved it for them. Obviously by enlarging the size of the attachment accepted. Whether, they charged for it or not I don't know.

What always griped me is you have a similar thing with Netscape. But if a message comes that is larger than the size set - it tells you and you can over ride it and accept it. AOL's 'firewall' (for lack of a better name), didn't do that. It just delivered the file (didn't have to be a pix - any attachment) as gibberish and never told you why.

Incidentally, this IS exactly the problem many early firewalls had.

You could not pay me to use AOL. (Well, maybe if ya paid enuff)


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