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re: opening a photo file

Just remembered another way AOL'ers might want to try.

If your using Netscape:
Open Netscape
click file
click open page
click Navigator
click browse or choose file
In file manager find your AOL directory, then click on your "DOWNLOAD" directory
At the bottom of the OPEN window look for
"files of type" it will probably say HTML files change your choice to "all files" and all the files in your aol/download directory should appear - click on the image/photo file you want to open and it will open in your Navigator screen.

*I'm not referring to .exe attachments. What I mean is .jpg, .gif, .bmp, pix extensions and alike...If you have the right "plugins" d/l'd you can also open media files ez such as: .wav, .mid (midi,.avi in mine without a problem.

re: Internet Explorer users: Not sure if the above works in IE the same way but give it a try.

Hope this helps.


P.S. AOL'ers check your preferences in you AOL program to make sure that you can receive attachments and that you have not limited the size - some people forget they have customized their mail preference to not receive attachments then get nuts when they can't open a file because their having a "CRS moment" LOL - Have fun :))


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