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I have been telling my children, grandkids and their kids about this for years and they think the old gal is nuts!

I lived on 92nd street in Manhattan in 1927 on before moving to the Island in 29 and this tradition went way back to those days.

The only difference is we had to perform for the money. We would sing any thing we desired and of course the better the act the more we collected.

We also would go start a fire at the curb and throw in some "mickies" or white potatoes or some sweets and cook them in the ashes. We peeled off the burnt skins and boy were they good to we kids. LOL

I also would like to tell of another tradition in those days in New York City on election eve we would gather all burnable trash and start huge bonfires in the middle of those streets. People would chant for their candidate. I remember this one:

I smell balony I smell ham,
I smell Hoover in the garbage can!

Now can you top that?


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