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I think I understand what Harry means "Why ask a question and leave no way to respond". It seems to me that people go out of there way to help here. Mimi your response reminds me of Donna's blurbs where she proceeds to critique other peoples posts and explain what the writer means and why they are wrong
although yours are not as abusive as hers are nor mean spirited.

On 11/26/1999 9:41:11 PM, mcgil wrote:
>I never claimed to be a
>"netiquette" expert (whatever
>that is), however, it does
>bother me every time you make
>a big deal over someone
>posting anonymously. Some
>people need time before they
>leave personal info on a web
>site and it doesn't help to
>have someone mock them when
>they do. Sorry if my message
>insulted your sensibilities,
>maybe now you know how you
>make them feel.
>On 11/26/1999 1:22:40 AM, hrwhite wrote:
>>On 11/23/1999 9:51:48 PM, mcgil wrote:
>>>On 11/23/1999 12:28:01 AM, hrwhite
>>>>Should it be sent to General
>>>>Delivery c/o anonymous???
>>>Why does it bother you so much when
>>>someone posts a message anonymously?
>>>This person did not attack or insult
>>>anyone. He or she asked a simple
>>>question and apparently did not feel
>>>comfortable enough with the site to
>>>leave their e-mail address.
>>>Unfortunately, when they receive a
>>>answer such as yours, they may never
>>>feel comfortable enough to post under
>>>their own name. So, let's be a little
>>>nicer to newcomers and those who post
>>>innocuous anonymous messages and welcome
>>>them instead of mocking them.
>>mimi, It is nice to have a netiquette
>>expert following my posts. Thanks,
>>Topic: Post~A~Joke (5 of 10), Read 36
>>Conf: Gathering
>>From: mcgil (
>>Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999
>>09:38 PM
>>Hey Harry,
>>You can't just write posts, you have to
>>read those that others post too. I
>>posted the same joke a few days ago.

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