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Now I know why I switched to Scotch!

All this talk about milk reminds me of the story about why breast feeding is recommended for infants. The milk is warm, it's nutritious, and it comes in such lovely packages.

Now about those milk trains. The picture I'm getting is that a milk train is a freight train intended to get raw milk from dairy farms all over to the big city markets overnight, ASAP. However, in order to pick up milk in one rural village after another it has to stop at every little burg in the world, cancelling out the speed advantage.

If you decide to catch the milk train, which must have had a passenger car, you must be traveling very early in the morning and planning on lots of stops and starts to pick up milk, and maybe drop off empty metal containers. You'll eventually arrive at your destination, but only after a lot of what passengers consider delay.

So thanks guys, for helping me to stay as confused as ever.

Let's see, do I wanna take the local, the express, or the milk train?

Which is slower, the local or the milk train?

Isn't this why they invented da ferryboat? I never hearda one-a them making any stops along da way.

I don't recommend milk with the ferryboat hotdogs, incidentally. Liable to kill you before you hit Sout' Ferry. :)

Thanks, Gina, for your remarkable research efforts. Likewise to CharlieJ and JR for the military angles.

This bio of Lindbergh that I'm reading, that caused me to post the inquiry in the first place, is pretty interesting.
Lindbergh's 1927 pioneer solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean from NY to Paris caught people's imagination like nothing before. Since then we've had Sinatra and the Beatles. L. couldn't make a move without intense press coverage. His marriage and the birth of his son were heavily reported. The publicity resulted in the kidnap and death of his son. The circus trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann added to the frenzy.

Lindbergh, although a superlative aviator and aviation engineer, was a political naif. He accepted a Nazi decoration from Goering and refused to turn it in after Nazi atrocities became known, but turned in his American army air officer's commission as Colonel in protest against FDR's policy that led us closer to war with Germany.

Lindbergh became the lead spokesman and the big draw for the Committee to Defend America First (the "America Firsters"). These were the isolationists. Some wanted to keep America out of entangling European alliances, but others were Nazi sympathizers and what today we would consider heavy duty racists. Lindbergh invited a lot of mud and went, as one critic observed, from Jesus to Judas, fast.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the America Firsters disappeared into the political void and L's earlier speeches seemed even more politically out of step with his world. He had trouble finding war-work because he'd resigned his commission and had opposed FDR, who had no interest in giving a platform to an opponent. L. got work with Ford Motors on B-24s and later with United Aircraft of Long Island (Corsairs), which sent him out to the Pacific Campaign to assess fighter plane performance.

L. made useful contributions to extending fighter range and flight time by finding adjustments to manifold pressure and rpms to save fuel.

Just thought you'd like to know as long as we were on the subject of milk.



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