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"What to do with the drunken sailor, what to do with the drunken sailor?

Put 'im in the brig until he sobers, put 'im in the brig until he sobers!

Earlye in the mornin'!

Way hey and up she rises, way hey and up she rises, earlye in the mornin!

Sasebo, Japan, winter 1960: Aboard the "Greasy G" (AO-32) I had the duty to hoist up the ensign on the fantail this cold Sunday A.M. Bleary eyed and hungover, I stagger back aft with the ensign, dressed in blue jeans, a skivvy shirt and a wool watch cap pulled over my ears. Paying attention to hooking the Stars & Stripes correctly onto the halyard, I don't notice that tied up directly aft of us is a Japanese tincan.

As I smartly hoist the ensign up, I hear the "Star Spangled Banner" being played. Looking up, I see an entire Japanese military band in dress uniforms on the can's foredeck playing the music...they wanted to honor our flag! And there was only the bleary eyed Blivit dressed like a slob to see them. I never performed that duty again without getting a decent uniform on, even though I could've gotten away with it on the "Greasy G".

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