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On 11/23/1999 9:51:48 PM, mcgil wrote:
>On 11/23/1999 12:28:01 AM, hrwhite
>>Should it be sent to General
>>Delivery c/o anonymous???
>Why does it bother you so much when
>someone posts a message anonymously?
>This person did not attack or insult
>anyone. He or she asked a simple
>question and apparently did not feel
>comfortable enough with the site to
>leave their e-mail address.
>Unfortunately, when they receive a
>answer such as yours, they may never
>feel comfortable enough to post under
>their own name. So, let's be a little
>nicer to newcomers and those who post
>innocuous anonymous messages and welcome
>them instead of mocking them.

mimi, It is nice to have a netiquette expert following my posts. Thanks, Harry

Topic: Post~A~Joke (5 of 10), Read 36 times
Conf: Gathering
From: mcgil (
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 09:38 PM

Hey Harry,
You can't just write posts, you have to read those that others post too. I posted the same joke a few days ago.


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