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With Charlton Hairsuit still hanging on the rope ladder the Stinson made it over the top of Lighthouse hill and the Airdale Boyz, pilot Shake and navigator Joseph decided to try and land at the SI airport.

As they approached the landing strip they ran into a hazard common to all aircraft landing at the SI airport. Landing aircraft were considered fair targets for the golfers practicing their swings at the golf driving range. On this particular evening Curley had stopped there with his date, Ginger to show off his prowess in hitting a golf ball.

He checked out the biggest and heaviest #1 wood he could get and tried desperately to hit a drive out as far as the landing strip. He was topping every shot, and the more frustrated he got, the harder he swung and the driven balls never got off the ground.

Ginger asked if she could try, and Curley in a rage told her to buy her own bucket of balls...girls didn't know anything about golf! Ginger went into the proshop and asked Pickles Sorge for a small bucket of balls and a mashie (#5 iron). She marched out to the tee, and eschewing the rubber matted driving area started hitting sweet hi-arced 5iron shots right off the turf.

Rather than trying to kill the ball, she concentrated on grouping her shots around the 150yd. target...She had learned to play the game in high school with one of Queen Regina's cousins and was a GOLFER!

Unfortunately for the Airdale Boyz, their souped up aircooled engine turned out to be their downfall. The supercharger mounted on the engine developed terrific suction and ingested one of Ginger's high arcing golf shots. As the engine shuddered and the Stinson went into a stall, Shake told Joseph to jettison their cargo. The only cargo they had was Charlton Hairsuit hanging from the rope ladder. Charley cut the rope ladder loose with his boy scout knife and Charlton went plummeting down towards the mud flats next to Fresh Kills.

When Charlton Hairsuit dug himself out of the mud, he made his way thru the cattails and came out of the wetlands by Al Deppe's. He knocked on the back door of the kitchen and asked if he could speak to the boss. When Deppe saw him, he took pity on him and took him into the kitchen. There he fed him one of his hotdogs, some clams on the half shell, softshelled crabs, pistachio ice cream and let him wash it all down with some of his famous birch beer on tap.

After Charlton ate his fill, Deppe asked him if he would like to work there...they didn't pay cash, but gave the employees round metal disks with the employee's name punched on it. The disks could be exchanged for food and shelter. Since Charlton had never tasted anything so good before in his life, he readily agreed. Deppe told Charlton to wash up and get some rest. He would give him his work assignment tomorrow.....

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