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On 11/24/1999 9:18:48 PM, JR wrote:
>The wonder is always new that
>any sane man can be a sailor.
>Emerson-English Traits
>The wind blows,
>the that ship goes
>and the lass that loves a
>Old English Toast
>They that go down to seain
>that do business in great
>these see the works of the
>and his wonders in the deep.
>Psalms, XVII, 23-24
>Sailors get money like horses
>and spend it like asses.

Your posting reminded me of my favorite toast. Stolen from a book about Brit submariners in early WWII, called "Send Down a Dove".

I've made this toast many times, even at one of my sons' wedding reception. He and many of his friends had been Navy too. I always start it out with my head bowed and looking very solemn.

"Dear Lord above
Send down a dove
With wings as sharp as RAZORS
To cut the throats
Of them there blokes
Wot sells bad beer to sailors"

At the wedding reception, I saw the minister bow his head with me. I wished I'd been watching him when I raised my voice for the second three lines. :-) He was a real nice guy, but some of the folks said he looked a little taken aback.


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