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"The Tech Rep" by James Michener; Continued

"Any idea I had that American products had to be superior because of some divine right of American industry vanished when I watched those Germans. They not only made excellent products, they also knew how to keep their customers happy, and after we had begun to lose markets all over the world, we developed our own peculiar solution to the problem. We would not fly experts out from New York. We would have our experts living on the scene. If Germany could provide help within two days, we'd provide it within two hours.

It was in this way that our tough, lonely tech reps became a part of the American system. If a household in Des Moines, Iowa, is sleeping Securely because some American is standing guard along the DEW line, that same household buys many of its goods at bargain prices because some American Technician in Sumatra or Peru is helping to keep his company viable. The frontier is never where we think it is, but able men had better be guarding that frontier."

To be continued:

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