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I'll have to do a little calling around, but I think I can get you in touch with the Paymaster author. I last saw him when the book came out, but I know people who may still keep in touch with him. Also, I'd like to know where Fitzgerald's woods were exactly. When I was young, we had woods all over Huguenot. I remember there were acres of them behind my house, complete with ponds and such. There was a frame for a log cabin back there, too. I fondly remember hanging out and sitting on some old felled trees. Can still smell that good woods smell -- a combination of decaying leaves, rotting logs and good Staten Island earth.

I'd be glad to put together a bibliography of Staten Island books as collecting them is one of my passions. I'll post it for you. I've got a Staten Island bookcase next to my computer in which my husband just placed Underboss by Peter Maas (Yikes!). I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. As a matter of fact I have this really neat autographed copy of Edwin Markham's The Man with the Hoe and Other Poems and it is inscribed to a C. Eustave or Gustave Mayer. I was wondering if anybody out there had any idea who this Mayer was. I don't know if he was even a Staten Islander or not as I bought the book in a used book barn in upstate New York for five dollars. Since you just finished Nielsen's Paymaster you might be interested in this. Markham has a poem entitled "The Paymaster" which I sent to Nielsen after his book was published. Here it is:

The Paymaster

There is a sacred Something on all ways --
Something that watches through the Universe;
One that remembers, reckons, and repays,
Giving us love for love, and curse for curse.

Weird poem, huh?

Take care,

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