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On 11/22/1999 10:05:50 PM, Anonymous wrote:
>Can anyone give me info on the
>Kreischer Family that lived
>off of Arthur Kill and had a
>brick factory in the 1800's.
>And, if you know of any
>written literature on this
>family would be very much

Hi Anon. In Staten Island and Its People by Leng and Davis you can find the following information:

Balthasar Kreischer and Son started the manufacture of firebrick at Kreischerville (or Charleston) in 1854. Their factory in New York commenced in 1845 and was not abandoned until 1876. The Staten Island works wer burned in that year but were rebuilt in 1877.

Balthasar Kreischer was born in Germany in 1813 and was a stone cutter. Coming to New York in 1835 he was at first a master builder. Upon the discovery of the value of the Kreischerville clays he acquired land in the vicinity and also acquired wealth which was wisely and generously used. He died in 1886. His sons were George F. who became a partner in 1871, and Charles C. and Edward B. who became partners in 1878. Both married daughters of George Wanier and continued the factory and other activites established by their father until 1927.

I can check my other history books and get back to you. I remember there being a picture of (I think) Carrie Kreischer in my Tottenville H.S. yearbook in 1973. She attended the first graduation from the new Tottenville in Huguenot (still haven't figured that one out) as the oldest alumnus. I believe she was in her 90's.


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