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I spent three years in the Field Engineering department of a large avionics firm, who operated out of Boston, Mass.

I had a one year assignment to the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare School at Point Loma, Ca. The command staff was small. As such so was the Chiefs club. Late one morning one of the Chiefs invited me to the club for lunch. As noon passed, and after a few rounds, I asked to see a menu. The bar bell rang, Signifying I had broken a club rule. Since membership was so small they did not have a kitchen/grill. It was a true "liquid lunch". I payed the fine, a round for all.

A few months later the project manger informed me he was coming for a two day visit. Now those of you that have been in the San Diego area know how casual it is; conversely a more stricter business dress code applies in Boston. So Ron arrived, three piece suit and all. The second day he had a late afternoon flight. We wrapped up early, so the Chiefs invited him to the club for lunch (I was not about to spoil their fun).Same gamut- Ron bought. As the afternoon wore on Ron tried to excuse himself, but another round of pitchers of beer arrived. Ron tried to beg off. Finally one of the Chiefs said: "Drink it or wear it!" Ron was up to his eyeballs in beer & never figured the threat(?) was serious. Well they doused him in beer. After he had dried off, it was Obvious he could not drive. So I turned in his rent-a-car while two Chiefs put him on his flight.

A few days later Ron Called. He had slept (?) the whole way to Boston. He was awoken by the landing. He was taken back by this stale beer smell, & noticed no one was sitting near him (good thing it was not a full flight). When he went to hug his wife she backed off, insisted on driving, after she opened all the windows. In addition to all of the roses he had to buy he also had to buy a new suit as she had thrown that suite out.

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