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On 11/23/1999 10:06:16 PM, Artful Codger wrote:
........ and the
>truth is that if I could live
>anywhere I chose I would
>choose a residential hotel in
>downtown Boston.
>So sue me.
>Jim Donnelly

We lived in Back Bay -- a few blocks from the Public Gardens -- for a few years and it was wonderful. Boston is a great city to live in especially if you like to walk. Living close to downtown we could walk to work and/or school every day and walk wherever we wanted to at night and on weekends. There was always things to do and places to go. Of course, this was before we had kids, so we were young and fancy free.

So, don't let anyone criticize your choice, 'cause if they do you'll know they never lived lived there and can't understand the magic of the place.


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