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W had a freight that went to nassau smelting a few times a week. The problem was it went later at night than when we were allowed out of the house and would be interested in doing something like that. We also would have had to do something creative like wear a string of Christmas lights for the engineer to see the swinger, and also shine a light to see the expression on the engineers face. These obstacles were mainly logistical. Years later we improved on the jumping thing and by jumping on car bumpers, setting off fire crackers, etc. that were parked in our woods. We have been shot at by cops and gangsters alike, but the best was flash cubes. The inventor should get a nobel prize. One of the guys had a instamatic Kodak, and we would buy batteries and flash cubes, the poor screams of superize were worth it, and I'm sure there are some still wondering if their picture will appear some day!!

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