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Through some miracle of modern information retrieval, I found the clipping referred to above on top of my dresser under the pile of unthrowawayable papers that normally accumulates there for months at a time, until sanity creeps in.

What it says is that SI is now host to a National Lighthouse Center and Museum. It's going to have a $20 million construction budget and a $20 million endowment, if you can believe that. Da BP (Guy Molinari) has pledged $1.2 million; Da Mayor (Rudy Giuliani) has pledged $1.9 million. Da Guvena' (George Pataki) is also kicking in $1.9 mill. of someone's hard earned cash.

The location is one of the piers used by da ferryboats, according to the news release. I think this must be the pier to the right as you face the water, where they always had the rusty bouys on the deck and you wondered what they were doing there, at least I did. Turns out that this was the main depot of the National Lighthouse Service as well as the Coast Guard. I remember reading "Ice Patrol" as a kid, about the boats leaving St. George and going up north to spot icebergs to protect latter day Titanics from a similar fate. Chopping ice off the superstructure seemed to be a main theme, along with guys in dark wool watch caps freezing their butts peering into the frozen fog.

At any rate, the museum will have maps, photos, a website, and yada, yada, yada. History of da Hahba' and all that, you know, boats.

Plus a media center and websites around Da Woild. (Mudda Eart')

For further info, da man is: Ralph Eshelman at (410) 326-4877 or Nat'l Park Service (NPS) at PO Box 37127, Wash., DC, 20013-7127; website

Have fun.


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