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As our companies business increased in the Far East it was decided to open a permanent field office in the Philippines. Due to the location a combination business office and residence. When you walked in you entered what one would find in any office. In back of that was a "family room" complete with bar, etc. The living quarters were in the back. Due to its remoteness, it was manned by bachelors, and was affectionately known as the "Cottage". As time went on, whenever an aircraft carrier would pull in, those reps assigned to the squadrons, would check in, and bring various Navy personnel with them. The bar would be open, the barbecue would be lit, and people would just unwind. At times, sailors being sailors, would bring their girl friends.

All was well until management decided to rotate in a married couple. Due to the nature of the assignment they could not bring any children. So one of the married senior reps was selected. They were a conservative couple from Texas (Bible and all).

The first time a carrier pulled in its reps, and their navy guests, descended on the "Cottage". The couple was not impressed. At dawns early light an indignant call was placed to the home office. Management responded with a terse letter to all employees, who were not within 20 miles of the home office, taking all to task. Somehow the a copy of the letter made the rounds of the industry, and the jokes that followed would rival Leno's present political satire.

In passing, during a phoncon, I asked a senior manager why they had not just confined their comments to those involved? I never got an answer, but from that time on only bachelors were assigned to the

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