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Ok all you diet busters (:>). You awakened my taste buds. I had to have a Carvel fix. I went to our one and only grocery store and found some Carvel ice cream cakes in the freezer. I bought one, brought it home, left it out for a while to soften and cut a slice. I could hardly wait. My salivary glands were working overtime. I took a big mouthful. What a disappointment. It just did not taste the same. Is it my taste buds, my taste memory or have the MBAs figured out how to change the recipe to improve the "bottom line" as they have done in so many other areas? I have a feeling it is a bit of all of the above. Nutten is as good as the memories.
That is the reason I will probably never revisit Staten Island. All of my wonderful memories would be shattered.
I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with tears in my eyes. I think back on the years when I watched from my fathers shoulders and then as I grew older/larger from a ladder. After the parade and dinner we would walk through Central Park and to the zoo. We would feed the pigeons and squirrels. Oh those memories.


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