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On 11/18/1999 9:57:18 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I will be there to give you a
>hard time, but you have to
>promise not to zap me.. ROFLOL

Awww Thank You! I can always count on you! *S* And re the hard time: Nahhhh You won't give me a hard time. You're a softy and you know it.

Besides which....technically speaking I fibbed. The Zapping Paper Work hasn't been processed yet so my Friend Tony who is the Guide for the entire Astrology section is going to be there to do it for me ...

....should the situation require it. *LOL*

Soooo That means you'll get to meet Tony! Neat! *S* He's a top flight Astrologer and his personal web site is one of the BEST on the net. He was just highlighted in The Mountain Astrologer magazine and that most DEFINETELY means that he's the Big League.

But then again, I always knew that! *S*


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