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Anybody ever rent a rowboat at the dock that extended out from Semler's seafood restaurant?

My experience (I think I was about 11). Went with an adult friend of the family, who knew nothing about fishing or rowing but was needed so I could rent the boat.

We set out from the dock and rowed/drifted down past SS White's. We had previously dug sand and blood worms on the shore in front of the factory and were now determined to catch a boatload of porgies...Polevoy's column in the Advance said they were jumpin' in the boat by SS White.

Well, they certainly didn't jump in our boat and after we had drifted about a mile towards the north, we decided to turn around and row back closer to SS White's.

Guess what?...It wasn't so easy rowing against the tide and the wind! After a few blisters and strained backs we got in close enough to the shore so that we could wade and schlep the rowboat along the shoreline by its' painter.

That's when I started saving up for my first outboard motor. Got one the next summer...paid $15 for a 3 1/2 hp Firestone with a hand wind starter rope. Bought it from a man in Sunnyside on the street that runs parallel to the 17th hole at Silver lake...think that was rs' old neighborhood.

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