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There are people that are malicious in there intent and in their feelings toward others. That does not mean that everyone who tells a joke that indicates a stereotype is malicious in intent. (Wouldn't that be a stereotype unto itself?)

The point I was trying to make, and probably did not communicate as effectively as I could have is that we (of good intentions) tell jokes. They would not be humorous unless there were some truth, no matter how small, to it.

I mean, I went through and looked at posts that were presented previously and found jokes for lawyers (does that make EVERY lawyer bad? NO!) Jokes for Irish (EVERY Irish descendant a drunk. NO!), and most recently a joke regarding Ebonics, Etc. I truly and honestly believe that these jokes were presented in a light hearted, non-threatening manner. Also, that we should not be looking for something that is not there, just so that there is an issue to be raised.

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