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I admit to have over-reacted to this joke. I certainly don't think the person who posted it intended to evoke my label of bigot but that is the problem. You addressed very clearly that there seems to be a "safe" target for bigotry in people we know little about. That bigotry gets support by our actively working on not knowing about "them." It continues to grow until we actually become something really ugly.

I don't think Rolling Stone was thinking that some nut like me would be in his face over his little joke when he put it up. However, he hadn't figured on the fact that I am presently involved in an investigation of a continuing hostile work environment that went underground after a claimant won a settlement because someone in his workplace used the 'N' word.

Well the one who used the 'N' word and denied this guy his rights when he wanted to move up to a better position now seems to be surrounded by buddies as he tells "Other-Ethnic" jokes. No more jokes directed at his previous target. In fact he seems to be overly solicitous to that guy, so much so that the guy is afraid to walk around at night.

The point of this is bigotry exists even when it comes out by accident in what a lot of people might consider an "innocent" joke. Innocent, that is, only because it does not attack anyone you know personally.

If people did not take the risk of giving the wake up call, and as a result possibly become an outsider, bigotry in disguise would continue until someone really gets hurt.

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