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Hmmm, Stone, R
I thought it was funny too. I think Art over-reacted. I say this while making it clear, I think Art is one fine person. He's done more for mankind than most of us who post here - certainly more than I have.

But we seem to be getting too hung up on political correctness. The fact is much terrorism does emanate from that part of the world. Certainly not the only place, but definitely a hotbed. If we can't poke fun at it, we're likely to succumb to it.

I doubt very much if Rolling is real bigot, but I also suggest all of us have a little against something. My own is against intolerance regardless of what race, gender, national origin, etc that it comes from. I also have a thing against incompetence regardless who displays it, but that's not the issue here.

If you pick any American on the street, chances are pretty good, they have friends in every socio-economic, racial, sexual or religious group there is. Well-that's really a stretch. I don't personally know any sikhs, but you get the idea. Our friends are generally a pretty good cross-section of the world. A little humor is not bad. Most people can see it for what it is - humor. Not a flat accusation against everyone of that genre.

Loosen up.


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