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On 11/16/1999 11:34:15 AM, Rolling Stone wrote:
>This "debate" is getting so
>hot (How hot is it?) that
>smoke is coming out of my CPU.
>If I get sick, I'm suing both
>Donna and TOMDGIMP!
>Anybody know a good lawyer?

Hey Rolling Stone....I can save you a lot of money! Forget your legal search. I can guarantee you that both you and any potential lawyer you might put on retainer....

.... would have one heck of a time proving that you were inescapably bound to reading either this string or for that matter any of this web site!

That pretty much equates to You making yourself sick then doesn't it? *S*

And anyway..."Hot" is really all in the mind's eye of the beholder when you think about it! I personally don't consider this "debate" hot at all.

I've felt much sicker in the presence of hot air! *S*


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