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"The RIGHT to your OWN OPINION!!!
"When you grow up and can debate like an adult, then maybe you'll say something WORTHY of a response!!!"

Oh *great big HUGE chuckles* Self Proclaimed King of that which is "Worthy"....

This is probably going to fall on the same deaf ears (read~~~>closed mind) that the previous posts in this string did....but just in case something subconciously sneaks through...I'll give it a shot! I'm considering it my private donation to the "Expand a Mind" fund! *ROTFLOL*

Moving on...

To the above quoted person (who doesn't deserve to be addressed by name in lieu of the standards he himself set) ...

For your information, the statements that have been submitted here (in this string) with regard to the dangers of smoking are not entirely in the arena of "opinion". The great majority of them (with the exception of yours) contain something called~~>facts. I can clearly see that you're not acquainted with that concept though as all I ever really see emanating from you is self~righteous indignation. You don't address the facts....not ever...because you can't! *LOL* You may be having a good old time with all of the kiddie "drama" (complete with childish name calling to boot) but I've yet to hear a solitary legitimate discussion or debate statement from you.

As for your "RIGHTS"...ahhhh exactly which part of the Bill of Rights said that you~~~>Have the Right to Smoke/Harm Innocent others?


As for the statement about the neice: THINK! Try might even come to enjoy it. *LOL* You said that your 5 year old neice understands your train of thought on this matter! That does not mean that what you said was elementary in truth and profoundness! It merely means that it was
elementary! *ROTFLOL* Your "logic" (and I'm being very gracious here referring to it as such) is quite a leap to say the least! *ROTFLOL* We in the real debate circles simply call it ~BS~! *LOL*


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