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"The Tech Rep" By James Michener, Continued

"After Turkey, I met up with Holt in a variety of exotic places: Sumatra, Thailand, the western desert of Australia, and most memorable of all, Afghanistan, where I had last seen him in his meticulous house, the tiger rug upon the floor, a fantastic hi-fi set playing A STRING OF PEARLS, in the kitchen a pretty secretary from the Iraqi embassy helping to prepare the evening meal, and facing you as you entered the door, a sign which visitors never forgot:
You are now in

34 degrees 30' North
69 degrees 13' East

If you fly along this latitude in an easterly direction, you will look down on Malakand, Siam, Suchow, Hiroshima, Santa Barbara, Prescott, Little Rock, Wilmington, N.C., Fez, Limassol Homs, Herat, Kabul.

If you fly along this longitude flying north, you will look down on: Tashkent, Petropavlovsk, North Pole, Medicine Hat, Great Falls, Tucson, Guaymas, South Pole, Kerguelen Island, Bhuj, Kabul.

Harvey Holt insisted upon knowing where he was."

To be continued:

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