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On 11/15/1999 9:45:52 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Hummmm I see a post not actually
>directed to anyone, and yet my name is
>I also see incorrect paraphrasing,
>inaccurate understanding of previous
>posts, twisted "logic" (if one wanted to
>be generous and call it that), and a
>twisted reference to the Bill of Rights.
>I also saw all of this done with many
>cuss words as well as in the midst of an
>obvious temper tantrum.
>BUT it's not to anyone SPECIFIC...of
>course! *LOL*
>Donna's Diagnosis: A text book example
>of "Debate" *rolling my eyes* Washout!

Please point out these "cuss" words, since I don't see anything I wrote being considered a "cuss"(The word is CURSE). Any word I wrote can be heard on television.
You want to start playing english teacher? How about I go back and start looking at your 1500 word rambling posts? You know, the one's that say something in 1500 words that could be said in about 25?
I don't have temper tantrums. I do however get annoyed when someone starts name calling and thinking that because THEY believe something it is the word of God.
I respect everyone's rights and opinions. I LISTEN to OTHER'S opinions and voice my own WITHOUT being personal, which is HOW a DEBATE is supposed to work.
I do at times get personal when people say things about MY FAMILY or get personal with me.
As for "Donna's Diagnosis", PLEASE!!!! Since you think you have some right to diagnose, you must think you're a doctor. Well, "doctor", heal thyself!!!! Wake up and read my other post, I'm done with you!

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