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On 11/15/1999 9:11:12 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Am I seeing correctly?
>*Donna takes another look*
>Did TOMDGIMP actually and
>publically state that both he
>and his 5 year old niece are
>at the exact same level of
>understanding with regard to
>the smoking/non smoking
>*LOL* Too cool!!!!!
>Thanks TOMDGIMP! I couldn't
>have said it better myself!

Do you REALLY want to trade insults with ME?
First of all, YOU BETTER go look again, because obviously, you DIDN'T read it the first or second time correctly(what does this say about YOUR level of intelligence?).
The statement was that EVEN my 5 year old niece could understand something YOU obviously can't.
Before you even bother trying to come up with any answers(since it took a week for you to TRY to come up with a comeback), I'll tell you now:
I am NOT even going to waste my breath answering anymore of this stupidity, since I am obviously dealing with someone who can't actually have a debate without getting nasty and calling names. Remember, I responded to YOU calling ME militant, and getting snotty when NOTHING I wrote was militant. It is MY opinion!!! Which you don't seem to like, but that's too bad since THAT'S one of the things that makes America great - The RIGHT to your OWN OPINION!!!
When you grow up and can debate like an adult, then maybe you'll say something WORTHY of a response!!!

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