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I too was born at S.I. Hospital in 1931, went to P.S.17, Curtis, McKee, and for one semester to Tottenville since I was placed in St. Michaels along with brothers and sister also Mt. Loretta. They were hard times for me but like bobC says don't sweat the small stuff. I left in 1954 and spent 35 years in California I am presently in Ohio in the country for the past 9 years. I can never forget Staten Island, as a child it was my world no matter how bad it got. Today its my world again, thanks to so many who have made it a SAFE HAVEN TO CHAT and to make such good friends. I won't mention names since you all know who you are. Someone said I bad mouthed SI at times, why not I'm allowed I was born there, I don't do it with malice, I love it and am proud to call it my place of birth. To those who know me well, I have sent you pictures of
my life and memories of the Island. I hope you love them as much as I do. Vita (Alice Losacco of New Brighton)

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