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On 11/15/1999 10:04:16 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I thought the Bone Collector
>was good. What did you think
>of it?
>I am going to catch The
>Messenger this next weekend
>and Dogma. I want to see
>Sleepy Hollow too but don't
>think my @ss is up to sitting
>through 3 movies in one day!

You spell the "a" word just like Tigerlilie! *LOL*

Re The Bone Collector: I liked it but my son and husband didn't care for it. I did notice a few boo boos in it which I can't seem to remember right now! *LOL* As for the other 3 movies...HIGH FIVE! Those are JUST the ones that I want to see too! (Naturally! *LOL*) I did want to see The Insider with Al Pacino too though because a close friend is in that one *S*...but I think it's gone already. I wonder if she saw it! *LOL*

And re the 3 in one: I don't think I could sit still for 3 in one day either! *LOL* EGADS no!


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