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On 11/08/1999 5:14:48 PM, TOMDGIMP wrote:
"Now I'm starting to get PISSED OFF!!!! Since I am the one that has been writing most of this thread, it would stand to
reason that you are calling ME a militant smoker, Donna. Try going back and really
reading what I have posted, and you will see that I have said from the beginning of
this thread, that just as YOU have a right NOT to smoke, I and OTHERS like me have the
right to smoke if we want to. I also stated that if it bothers you ask politely and MOST smokers will put it out. I DO believe that ONE of the MANY rights of FREEDOM I joined the Army to defend was the RIGHT to the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!! It makes me HAPPY
>to smoke, and it makes me ANGRY when people try to make what THEY want the rules for
>ALL people. Ok, since I don't like drinking, and it causes the death of many people due to liver disease and other
>causes, NOT to mention the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people that DON'T drink that
>get killed by the people that do whether in anger, or by driving, or what have you, then I should want drinking banned right? But I don't I feel that the RESPONSIBLE drinkers should be stopped any more than the RESPONSIBLE smokers should! I know the dangers and I know MORE about smoking than YOU or ANY NON-SMOKER EVER WILL. I have said people need to take responsibility for what they do many times, and YES I do take the responsibility for MY smoking. You keep saying the same asinine remark about smoking
>not being essential to life, IS DRIVING essential? Is drinking alcohol? Is any of a
>million other things that people do everyday? You SHOULD know there are VERY few things that ARE essential to life, and if you only did what was essential, you wouldn't have much of a life. What you and the MILITANT NON-SMOKERS should do IS get a
life of your OWN and NOT try to CONTROL mine or any other SMOKER'S."

Hummmm I see a post not actually directed to anyone, and yet my name is mentioned.

I also see incorrect paraphrasing, inaccurate understanding of previous posts, twisted "logic" (if one wanted to be generous and call it that), and a twisted reference to the Bill of Rights.

I also saw all of this done with many cuss words as well as in the midst of an obvious temper tantrum.

BUT it's not to anyone SPECIFIC...of course! *LOL*

Donna's Diagnosis: A text book example of "Debate" *rolling my eyes* Washout!

Recommended Treatment: Oxygen......and lots of it! *ROTFLOL* How perfect too...because that's exactly the thing that cigarette smoke sucks right up!

Obviously! *ROTFLOL*


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