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Hi Sandy, I agree with you. I was born at
S.I. Hospital in 1930, so I've got a few years on you, but we share a few of the same memories! Lived in Stapleton on Thompson St., Broad St. and Tompkins St.
I attended the "old" P.S. 14. Started kindergarten there and went thru 3rd grade.
In the 30's & 40's at the Rex, they had "dish night" and you got a free dish with admission. (adults ) I don't remember getting into the Tompkinsville pool free in the mornings, but went there a lot!! Things were nicer when people looked out for each other.
I also lived on Vanderbilt Ave. next to a church, whose name escapes me. Near the corner of (Osgood ?) Ave. The church used to have Strawberry Festivals( Whatever happened to THOSE ? )
After Stapleton, I lived in West Brighton
and then Concord. Left S.I. in '48 for life
in the "big City", but my Mother lived there and I visited often.
I can't picture Stapleton without Woolworths.
What took its place ? Do you know ?
Nice reminiscing with you.
Bob in La Canada/Flintridge, Ca.

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