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Hey Art,
I thought everybody knew Piel's bought R&H. We did a thread on that eons ago.

Spent many an hour in the cold of winter or hot of summer checking the time on the clock on the tower there waiting on the corner of Tompkins and Canal waiting for the 103 Hylan Blvd bus to take me back to the civilized South Shore after a night of debauchery on the North Shore :-)

BTW - Since nobody answered. NFS means Non-Fermented Sugar.

New question: Who had it after Piel's for a short time before it shut down?

I think the caricatures of the Piel's brothers on the commercials were named Burt and Harry. I guess the real names of the brothers Piel. I've heard but don't know that the characters from Sesame Street were based on them.


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